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The FIC Costume Guide
You never know when you might need a good costume...

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designed by Stephen Wildish

Price: $21.95


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   Model is 5'7 and is wearing a size Small


Fancy yourself a movie buff, eh? Try your hand at this clever film alphabet, which chronicles '90s cinema from A to Z via a series of eye-grabbing illustrations rendered in a blocky, minimalist fashion. Some letters will come quite instinctively, but others will definitely test the ole noodle and its recall function. From Austin Powers and Jules Winnfield to Renton and Fox Mulder, your '90s movie faves are triumphantly aggregated en masse.

Lovingly printed on white American Apparel blanks with seven screens! Each square measures 1.5 inches in height and width. Designed by Stephen Wildish. Read more about his work at our blog, It Goes to 11.

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