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seen in the Big Lebowski

Price: $22.95


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   Model is 5'11 and is wearing a size Medium

Worn by the Dude in the Big Lebowski (and also worn by Jeff Bridges in The Fisher King), we’ve recreated this classic Japanese baseball shirt. After much research, we’ve determined that the player is Kaoru Betto, who played for the Osaka Tigers in 1948 & 1949. Known as “the Gentleman of Baseball,” Betto was one of the first Japanese power hitters. This reproduction is extremely faithful to the original and is printed on a tan and brown raglan just like the Dude's.

Customer Reviews


Not Suitable For Nihilists.
Murray, May 2011
"In the post-Lebowski society it's not enough to have an 'Achiever' bumper sticker or even a copy of every DVD version (currently approaching 1,542 editions) in order to express one's appreciation of the Coen Brothers' second-best film, one must have the shirt, man. And this is *the* shirt. Man. I've had mine for well over two point five years and the art hasn't faded, nor has the color. In fact, this shirt has held up remarkably well to repeated wearings, washings, and even a minor White Russian incident in the spring of '09. Minimal shrinkage if initially washed in cold water. The 100% cotton is nice and thick, but not heavy like those hefty tees offered by some shirt shops. So if you understand what I mean when I say, 'Nice marmot,' or refer to the latter-day hits by Autobahn, then you need to get this shirt, man."

Awesome Design!
Mark, May 2011
"The neutral tones of this shirt make it wearable with most anything and the design is subtle and unique that I have yet for anyone to recognize where the shirt was from (if that's what you want). It seriously looks like something you got super lucky finding at a thrift store. The sleeves are a little tight and it keeps you warm so I usually don't wear it in the summer, but if you just want a cool vintage looking shirt, you will enjoy this one. And if you've seen the movie, I will warn you, wearing this shirt will make you want to dress more casual than usual. ;o)"

The Dude, Abides!
Matthew S., June 2011
"As an Englishman fighting the rigid manners of his ancestors, putting on my Kaoru Betto baseball shirt, sunglasses, and flip-flops helped me relax, smile, and drop into a California moment!"

I Had A Rough Night, And I Hate The F*ckin Eagles Man...
Evan, July 2011
"...but I love this shirt! Subtle yet unique, great color tones too. Fits great even when I worried a medium would be too small. Sleeves are little tight but I usually roll them up to give it a more baseball shirt look. Overall great product!"

Great T-Shirt
Manuel, October 2011
"Shipping was fast and t-shirt fits perfect. Thanks!"

This Shirt Really Ties Your Outfit Together
Joe Dirt, July 2012
"But that's just, like, my opinion, man."

Excellent Customer Service
Chas, October 2012
"Shirts received today, your customer service has been excellent. By way of thanks I posted a link to your site on a Big Lebowski thread on a popular website. Who knows, maybe it will bring in a few sales…"

Great Shirt, Fast Shipping And No Complaints
John, March 2013
"This is a really cool shirt, a very good replica. It fits very well, very comfortable and stays the same fit after cleaning. 5 star job."

This is just like my opinion man.
Branders, August 2014
"It took more time for me to write this review then it took for it to actually show up in the post. Speedy shipping aside the shirt is fantastic, I got a large and had some post drunk doubts, but it fits perfectly bigger than expected! The whole shirt is perfect and they definitely took their time recreating a beauty of a shirt. If your on the fence just buy it you wont regret, and if you don\'t want it then you are mented. Cheers!"