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seen in What About Bob?

Donlt Hassle Me I'm Local
Price: $21.95


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   Male model is 5'11 and is wearing a size Medium


The Don't Hassle Me I'm Local shirt promises to direct unwanted attention elsewhere. Whether you live in a coastal retreat, a mountain community or a seasonal hot spot, tourists can be annoying. If you're tired of unending questions and posing for photos, wrap your arms around one of our most popular slogan tees, "Don't Hassle Me, I'm Local." Seen on screen in the fantastically funny What About Bob?, this shirt will keep unwanted interlopers off your back and out of your face. The Don't Hassle Me I'm Local t-shirt is printed on turquoise 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirts.

Customer Reviews


Made in USA
Marc, September 2011
"High quality, made in USA, closest to original design, and props to the company for stocking a classic like this."

100% Satisfied
Kevin, May 2012
"I would like to express my 100% satisfaction with your company. I received the shirt I requested quicker than I expected, and it is exactly what I asked for. Often times, I have searched on the Internet and have taken a risk on companies to get a product or service. I have waited weeks or even months with other websites, sometimes getting a cheap imitation for what I have asked for. Clearly, based on my experience with you, there will be no risk in the future when I make my next purchase from you. I guess that has something to do with the fact that your company is based in the USA. :) Feel free to use me as a reference. Thank you again for such great service."

Erin, June 2012
"I gave this What About Bob T-shirt to my little brother for his 26th birthday - What About Bob? has always been a family favorite. He was dying laughing! It fits well, and the quality is perfect."

Murray Would Be Proud
Jack, June 2012
"Awesome effing shirt, you guys (sexually androgynous usage) rock for being the only people who make authentic movie shirts. Murray would be proud."

Ashley, July 2012
"Love it! Thank you so much!"

So Excited, July 2012
"I was so excited when I found the what about bob shirt! After telling my brother and my sister about it, they also wanted one. I then had to come back on after we got our order and get yet another for a cousin. Perfect match to the movie! Super soft shirts also. Very high quality. I would recommend ordering a size up, they run a bit small. Perfect shirts!"

What About Bob?
Esther, August 2012
"This shirt is absolutely fantastic. I bought it for my grandson who is a big Bill Murray fan. When he wears it he always gets comments such as, "But, What About Bob?" It looks exactly like the one worn by Bill Murray in the film. Really a fun shirt!"

Exactly Like The Shirt In The Movie
Laura, September 2012
"They nailed it right down to the color and size of the font. It's a super soft t-shirt and the look is exactly as advertised. Just be careful because it does shrink slightly in the wash."

Awesome Shirt
Dan, September 2012
"Love this shirt! Looks just like the one in the movie! The only one I could find that looks authentic!"

Perfect Fit
Heidi, October 2012
"I love my new t-shirt. It fits almost perfectly. I just wish it was a little longer. But the quality is great, and I love that it\s an exact replica of Bob Wiley's shirt from What About Bob!"

Excellent Shirt
Paul, November 2012
"This shirt is great quality and looks exactly like the one from What About Bob."

Don't Hassle My Shirt
John, May 2013
"Shirt made famous by the movie classic What About Bob? with Bill Murray. Shirt is very well made and I can feel the thickness and quality of the material. Made in the USA and we did it right. I love wearing this shirt and the 1st day, a 25-yo cute girl came up to me laughing and told me she grew up on Lake Winnipesaukee! What can I say... the shirt is fun to wear and works for me!"

Nearly Perfect
Emily, June 2013
"This shirt looks exactly like the one from the movie. The only thing I did not like about it is that it smelled pretty nasty at first."

Don't Hassle My Review
Nicholas, June 2013
"Very happy with my Don't Hassle Me I'm Local shirt. Looks and fits exactly like was indicated on the website."