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seen in Real Genius

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   Model is 5'11 and is wearing a size Medium

This is one of our favorite shirts from Real Genius. It is the tee Chris Knight wears while he's taking Dr. Hathaway's final exam. We have reproduced this shirt very carefully, spending far too many hours studying the font, layout and even the wrinkles on the gorilla's face, all to ensure the most accurate reproduction of the "International Order for Gorillas" t-shirt.

The International Order for Gorillas top is printed on yellow 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirts.
Customer Reviews


My Favorite Of The Real Genius Shirts
Mark, May 2011
"If you are a vintage shopper or if you like to wear shirts with unique designs that look good and no one has, this shirt is for you. It's a cool design and no one has any idea what to make of it. Most folks that do ask me about it just think I'm some supporter of stopping gorilla poaching, which is cool with me. But the design is subtle enough that it rarely attracts attention and people just think it is a cool shirt. It's probably my favorite everyday shirt to wear of the Real Genius collection."

Tony, September 2011
"Dude, I have wanted one of these shirts since the first time I saw Real Genius as a kid. The concept of your company is genius. The only complaint is that I didn't think of it first."

Chris Knight Would Be Proud
Chase, December 2011
"For years, I had been obsessed with the shirts worn by Val Kilmer in this movie. I nearly made a mess in my pants when I found them here. They look so authentic and have the highest quality, that even people who order fish at diners and send it back couldn't find something to complain about. I could easily spend $500 on other shirts but I apparently eat at diners... not fancy restaurants. I do hope they continue making shirts from other great movies. I would recommend the site and all the products on it to both friends and enemies alike."

Love It!
Jared, January 2012
"So glad I found some goodies from one of my favorite movies of all time. It's equally nice to be buying from you guys because I also live in Portland. Well done!"

Mark, February 2012

Now Everyone Can Dress Like a Genius!
John T, February 2012
"I discovered this site some years back and went absolutely ballistic when I saw this shirt (in addition to some others) from my all time favorite. Now, I too, could be Chris Knight, without any of the charm or intellect. None of that matters, now, for I will forever treasure this shirt. It's very faithful to the movie and the quality is outstanding. Everybody may want to rule the world, but getting this shirt in the mean time will just have to satisfy us."

Real Genius
Garrett, May 2012
"My favorite movie is Real Genius and I`ve always wanted the shirts Val Kilmer wears. I found this site a few years ago and I`ve been waiting till I had some extra cash so I could pick them up. When this day came I was extremely pumped! The images rock, and the shirts are super comfy. I think the prices are good and the shirts arrived pretty fast. Even though most people will have no idea where these shirts are from, it`s puts a big smile on my face everytime I wear them. Plus I threw in the Rad Racing shirt for good measure. I look forward to being able to pick up a few more in the future like the Senor Pizza tee and bunny Slippers."

International Order For Bitchin' T-shirts
Blake, May 2012
"Wearing this t-shirt is a freakin' dream come true (as is wearing my I <3 Toxic Waste t-shirt). I love you guys."

Just What I Wanted
Jeffrey, June 2012
"Man, talk about quick delivery! Bam! It was at my doorstep! This T-shirt is exactly what I wanted. Thanks!!!"

Most Excellent
Barret, July 2012
"I have been ordering t-shirts from Founditemclothing for over 5 years now and have been more than pleased when they arrive. I usually order shirts to replace the shirts I have worn out (especially International Order of Gorillas from Real Genius, of which I am on my 4th!), but I've also ventured off and bought a few randoms and every time they are of high quality, durable, and I get stopped by people wanting to know where I got it. I'm also on my second pair of Bunny Slippers, which are fantastic. Great products, great reliable site."

"You Wanted To See Me Your Joggingness?"
Colin, December 2012
"For those of you that love Real Genius as much as I do, this shirt is perfect for you. The shirt fits a bit different than most normal shirts, it's a little smaller. The graphic design on the shirt is flawless! I love to wear it with my bunny slippers and shuffle into class late."

Will Not Convert Directly From Solid To Gas
Trevor, May 2013
"It's true that the printing and colors on this shirt are excellent and will receive knowing nods from other real geniuses. I'm deducting 1/2 point because after 20 minutes it did not convert from solid to gas while I tried to slide down the stairs."