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seen in Aliens

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   Model is 5'7 and is wearing a size Small

"Lieutenant, what do those pulse rifles fire?"

An undisputed masterpiece of the sci-fi genre, 1986's Aliens was the rare sequel to build on and outpace its predecessor (fighting words to some, we're sure...). James Cameron introduced a hardware fetish to the franchise and introduced the suggestively titled M41A Pulse Rifle, a handle that only hinted at the weapon's raw destructiveness. Updating the conventional assault rifle for deep space encounters, the Pulse Rifle promptly entered the pop culture lexicon (as shorthand for the tough and durable), and inspired a raft of copy cats (uh, homages) across both films and video games.

The Peace Through Superior Firewpower design features this iconic weapon in its illustrated glory, juxtaposed with a snippet of cocksure sloganeering. Worn by Pvt. Frost in an early sequence, our team of graphic artists have carefully recreated the outlines of the sketch, along with the text's distinctive font and alignment. Staying true to the source material, we've had this printed on a heather gray American Apparel t-shirt, which lends it a vintage appearance.

Customer Reviews


Great Shirt!
Dave, July 2012
"'I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A Pulse Rifle. Ten milimeter with over-and-under thirty milimeter pump action grenade launcher...' Just got this today and it's definitely worthy of a bughunt! I'm a huge fan!"

Looks Pretty Sweet!
Jimi, December 2012
"Gotta love some Aliens stuff, man! Actually it's an 11.23mm(.45acp)... those pulse rifles were Thompson submachineguns with Remington 870 shotgun attached to the bottom (grenade launcher). They slapped the heat shroud from a Franchi spaz 12 on the Remington to make it look cool."

Gotta Have!
Anthony, December 2012
"Gotta Have Gotta Have!!!!!!! There are no words!!!"

Great Shirt!
Rob, June 2013
"Tip your forties for Pvt. Frost. He lost his life in the line of duty. "