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seen in Real Genius

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   Model is 5'11 and is wearing a size Medium

The Surf Nicaragua t-shirt is another classic to emerge from Real Genius. Val Kilmer, “Chris Knight,” wears this shirt on a couple occasions. The shirt has been carefully studied and reconstructed. The script has been hand-drawn to accurately match the original font. The design is printed on baby blue 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirts for an almost exact match of the original t-shirt color.

Customer Reviews


Great Site and Products
CM, May 2011
"I stumbled onto Found Item Clothing after catching an airing of Real Genius on a Sunday afternoon. With the classic t-shirts in that movie, I was hoping there was a site dedicated to unique, vintage movie t-shirts. Good thing there is! Thanks Found Item Clothing for a great site and great quality products."

I Told Him No
Boston Mike, May 2011
"I once wore my "Surf Nicaragua" tee shirt and a guy asked if I had indeed surfed Nicaragua. I told him no, I had not. He told me he had and wanted to buy my shirt. Again, I told him no, but that he COULD buy it from you guys. Cheers!"

An Awesome Shirt with Subtle Political Humor
Mark, May 2011
"This shirt could say anything on it and I would like the design, but the "Surf Nicaragua" on it makes it especially awesome. I've had people ask if I have surfed there. I tell them no, it's a political joke from the 80s, which is the common theme in the Real Genius shirts. It opens a nice dialogue for a history lesson of the tensions between Daniel Ortega and the United States. The shirt was meant to be a joke because you didn't want to go surfing there during that time. Nowadays, everything is cool between the the countries. This shirt is a necessity if you are looking at owning the Real Genius t-shirts."

Worth Buying Twice!
Doug, August 2011
"I bought this t-shirt a few years ago but it disappeared somewhere along the line. It's possible that I lost it during a move but what's more likely is that someone broke into my apartment and stole it. It's that awesome, people. So now I have to buy the shirt again but I don't care because it's such a fine product. Would buy again! A++++++"

Chris Knight Would Be Proud
Chase, December 2011
"For years, I had been obsessed with the shirts worn by Val Kilmer in this movie. I nearly made a mess in my pants when I found them here. They look so authentic and have the highest quality, that even people who order fish at diners and send it back couldn't find something to complain about. I could easily spend $500 on other shirts but I apparently eat at diners... not fancy restaurants. I do hope they continue making shirts from other great movies. I would recommend the site and all the products on it to both friends and enemies alike."

True To The Original
James, April 2012
"I have four of your shirts, Bushwood CC, High On Stress, What are you looking at Dicknose, and Surf Nicaragua. They're all true to the original designs, great stuff! I also appreciate your super fast shipping."

An Awesome Shirt From An Awesome Movie
Mike, May 2012
"Rad print on a nice soft shirt, I'm stoked!"

Real Genius
Garrett, May 2012
"My favorite movie is Real Genius and I`ve always wanted the shirts Val Kilmer wears. I found this site a few years ago and I`ve been waiting till I had some extra cash so I could pick them up. When this day came I was extremely pumped! The images rock, and the shirts are super comfy. I think the prices are good and the shirts arrived pretty fast. Even though most people will have no idea where these shirts are from, it`s puts a big smile on my face everytime I wear them. Plus I threw in the Rad Racing shirt for good measure. I look forward to being able to pick up a few more in the future like the Senor Pizza tee and bunny Slippers."

Love It!
Todd, August 2012
"I have wanted this shirt for about 20 years now... Found an excellent one on your site. You did a great job replicating the shirt. Ordered on monday was in my mailbox on Thursday. Can't wait to hear all the compliments on them when i wear them..."

Val, September 2012
"Amazing, a perfect replica!"

We Always Surf Nicaragua!
Bill, January 2013
"There's nothing better than surfing in Nicaragua. The beers cold, waves are really good, and the people are super cool! We always stay at Mark and Dave's Place. Check it out - Good surfing :) "

Owning This Shirt Is A Moral Imperative...
Lazlo Hollyfield, March 2013
"If you are at all a fan of the geek classic that is Real Genius, you _must_ own this shirt - it is a moral imperative. Perfectly made, super comfortable. I've had mine for years now and it just gets better and better looking."