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seen in Real Genius

I Love Toxic Waste T-Shirt
Price: $20.95


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   Model is 5'11 and is wearing a size Medium


The "I love Toxic Waste" shirt is worn by Chris Knight when he first appears in the movie while interviewing for a job at Darlington - and a truly great fashion statement.

Every aspect has been very carefully reconstructed to ensure the most accurate reproduction. We have spent many hours studying the font, the shape of the heart, and even the slight reflection on the heart in order to create the ultimate I Love Toxic Waste t-shirt.

The I Love Toxic Waste shirt is printed on men's American Apparel white and navy ringer shirts just like the one worn in the movie.

Customer Reviews


Seriously Get This
Jon, April 2011
"I like always get compliments on this shirt. When I wear it people are always like, I love that shirt. Most folks don't know how much a badass I am and then they say where did you get that. I said it is from Real Genius, the movie. You know with the big popcorn at the end."

I'm Glad Shirts Like These Exist
David, May 2011
"I bought this shirt and wore it as part of a costume to an 80's party along with the Bunny Slippers. Not very many people got the reference, but it was more rewarding to have a few people know that it was from Real Genius than to do something too obvious. I love shirts like this one that are referential but without identifying the title of the film."

PETA Does Not Love This Shirt
Rick, May 2011
"This is a shirt to sport around PETA if you fear them, but you just wanna piss them off. God I love this shirt."

A "Ringer" For the Real Deal
Brett, May 2011
"This is the shirt that first attracted me to the site way back when there were only a handful of items on the store. It's a dead ringer for the real deal, and you've added so many more great shirts since then! Keep up the great work, I always look forward to the new product announcement emails to see what you've "found" now!"

Be Ready If You Buy This Shirt
Mark, May 2011
"I love this shirt! But be ready for the attention it attracts; good and bad. Most of the time I get compliments and laughs and sometimes people recognize it. One time a girl asked if she could get her picture with me because she loves the movie, no lies. On the flip side though, you will get the occasional hater who doesn't realize the shirt is supposed to be funny. I have seriously had people get angry at me and sneer or make rude comments. As long as you can laugh that off, you'll enjoy the attention. If you are worried about the day being boring, just put this shirt on and I guarantee you, your day will be interesting."

It's a Penis Stretcher
Lauren, May 2011
"Ok, actually it isn't. Found Item was out of those...and I actually don't have a penis, anyway. Oh yes, I am one of those rare females that at the ripe age of 10 or so forced my mother to buy me Bunny Slippers simply because I was desperately in love with Chris Knight and was still on that faulty line of reality not realizing he wasn't really real and the fact I had slippers wouldn't get me a date with him anyway...

Then there was the mishap of trying to manually screw a Quija board to my closet door and proceed to tell friends that Lazlo Hollyfeld lived in there...

So, I had to buy this shirt. And, dammit, I freakin' love it!"

Greatest Purchase Ever!
Shane, October 2011
"Most people don't get it. But for those who do.... all I can say is awesome. I've had people come out of the woodwork asking me about this shirt and Real Genius. This is a must have!"

Chris Knight Would Be Proud
Chase, December 2011
"For years, I had been obsessed with the shirts worn by Val Kilmer in this movie. I nearly made a mess in my pants when I found them here. They look so authentic and have the highest quality, that even people who order fish at diners and send it back couldn't find something to complain about. I could easily spend $500 on other shirts but I apparently eat at diners... not fancy restaurants. I do hope they continue making shirts from other great movies. I would recommend the site and all the products on it to both friends and enemies alike."

It's True, Indeed, I DO Love Toxic Waste!
Robert, January 2012
"And this t-shirt is excellent! Super high quality printing and tremendous attention to detail. The AA ringer shirt is great and the material is on the thin side, a little like a plain white t, which I really like. It really adds even more authentic vintage 80's flavor, my new favorite! :) "

Nice Shirt!
Matt, February 2012
"This is a great shirt. Looks just like the one from the movie and printed on an American Apparel T-shirt so it is nice and soft."

Mark, February 2012

Real Genius
Garrett, May 2012
"My favorite movie is Real Genius and I`ve always wanted the shirts Val Kilmer wears. I found this site a few years ago and I`ve been waiting till I had some extra cash so I could pick them up. When this day came I was extremely pumped! The images rock, and the shirts are super comfy. I think the prices are good and the shirts arrived pretty fast. Even though most people will have no idea where these shirts are from, it`s puts a big smile on my face everytime I wear them. Plus I threw in the Rad Racing shirt for good measure. I look forward to being able to pick up a few more in the future like the Senor Pizza tee and bunny Slippers."

I Luv Toxic Waste
Stephen, June 2013
"Classic t-shirt. Love the headline. Shirt seemed too tight for a X-LG. I should have ordered XX-LG."

Most Excellent
Barret, July 2013
"I have been ordering t-shirts from Founditemclothing for over 5 years now and have been more than pleased when they arrive. I usually order shirts to replace the shirts I have worn out (especially International Order of Gorillas from Real Genius, of which I am on my 4th!), but I've also ventured off and bought a few randoms and every time they are of high quality, durable, and I get stopped by people wanting to know where I got it. I'm also on my second pair of Bunny Slippers, which are fantastic. Great products, great reliable site."